The concept

Who we are

A group of highly skilled specialists who joined forces to battle snow. We aim to give everyone an option do not worry about snow. Yes, we are that kind. 

Why we are

We have one simple goal. We want introduce the world to service robots that bring more safety, positive environmental impact, and efficiency.

Where you are

Future. This really is the new standard we are setting for the future of autonomous service robots. Welcome to the future! There is a team below waiting for you. 

Want one

Now we talking. You can find the email address below. We also included a link here. Let’s get in touch and discuss your options. We don’t mind customers. 

Our partners

Contact us

You can get in touch in several ways: 



Interested in getting in touch via phone?

Andres Kõiva

+372 52 35 836


We are always interested in exchanging ideas. Regardless if it’s via Email, Chat or phone. So no need to hesitate. 

Talking to people who like what we do is awesome! 

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