Autonomous street cleaning robots

for seasonal weather conditions


Our first robots started serving our customers from November 2019. 

We are still looking for amazing clients who understand the need for a change in street cleaning service standards and methodology.



You are already familiar with autonomous heating systems, vacuum cleaners, and lawnmowers. It is all about using resources efficiently. Why should street cleaning be any different?


It all happens automatically, giving you the peace of mind. Streets and parking lots will be always clean, regardless of the weather.


Larger areas are cleaned used our fleet technology. This allows several robots to work together efficiently.


Seasonal service. When it snows, we clean it up. When it doesn't we make sure the streets remain clean.



It’s not just about the snow. It is about taking care of the streets throughout the year. Lumebot is meant for snow removal, street cleaning and street sweeping. Four seasons, one Lumebot. 

Get shit done streets cleaned.

We are from Estonia. 🇪🇪
We know snow.
Snow sucks. 

We assembled a team of specialists to tackle this venture. Any success story starts with setting goals. We mostly focus on building a robot, not on a website. Here goes: 

Goal: Get rid of snow
How: Autonomously
Why: We hate shoveling  
When: MVP test December 2018
Success: Yes

Pivot: Yes. We now provide seasonal service

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