Autonomous snow removal robots

that start working as soon as it starts snowing


Want to see our prototype roam around in our top secret development centre located at Kultuurikatel in Tallinn? 

Spring 2019

Lumebot version 2 (250 kg!) will be launched in May 2019. It will start its summer pilot in June 2019 with a goal of training the autonomous capabilities. By November 2019 it will have at least 3 companions who will all serve paying customers. 

Fully autonomous

You are already familiar with autonomous heating systems, vacuum cleaners, and lawnmowers. Seamless actions that happen on the background allow you to enjoy your home. Winter time shouldn’t be any different.


It all happens automatically, giving you the peace of mind. Your driveway is always clean, regardless of the weather.


Larger parking lots are cleaned used our fleet technology. This allows several robots to work together efficiently.


It can clean multiple driveways to bring the costs down. During warmer periods it will clean your driveway.


Getting rid of snow is a complex operation. It requires thoughtful planning and teamwork. Our robots tackle parking lots as a team. Each team member has a special skillset. 


Get shit done snow plowed.


How much does it cost?

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I want this for my:


I want a robot for my house.


I want it as a service for a parking lot.

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Home solution

For home solutions the robot cleans the snow from the driveway.

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How many parking spots/spaces does your parking lot have?

We can use this as a base information for the price estimation. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

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Does your parking lot have surveillance cameras?

We use surveillance cameras for efficiency measures. It allows us to track movement and clean parking spots that haven't been cleaned yet.

Yes, the parking lot has surveillance cameras.

Does you parking lot have a camera(s) that can provide a complete overview of the parking lot?

No, the parking lot does not have surveillance cameras.

We will automatically calculate a price for installing cameras for you. This will be included in the estimate.

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Does your driveway have a surveillance camera?

We use surveillance cameras for calculating efficient work routes.

I have a surveillance camera

Do you have a surveillance camera that can provide a live video feed that covers your parking lot?

No, there is no surveillance camera.

Don't worry. We will include one with the installation to the price estimate.

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Would you like to share the service with your neighbours?

Sharing it with your neighbours will help you significantly lower the costs.

I would like to share it with my neighbours. (Up to 5)

Sharing the service will help you bring the costs down significantly.

I would like to have it just for me.

That's awesome! That is why we have this option.

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Final cost

The final estimated monthly price is :


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I want to get more info

We are from Estonia. 🇪🇪
We know snow.
Snow sucks. 

We assembled a team of specialists to tackle this venture. Any success story starts with setting goals. We mostly focus on building a robot, not on a website. Here goes: 

Goal: Get rid of snow
How: Autonomously
Why: We hate shoveling  
When: MVP test December 2018
Success: Yes

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