Autonomous snow removal robots

that start working as soon as it starts snowing


Want to see our prototype roam around in our top secret development centre located at Kultuurikatel in Tallinn? 

New robot

Lumebot version 2 (250 kg!) will be launched in May 2019. It will start its summer pilot in June 2019 with a goal of training the autonomous capabilities. By November 2019 it will have at least 3 companions who will all serve paying customers. 

Get shit done snow plowed.


Paid pilot


Seed Round

Pitch Deck

Two Pager

Our team

This is the team that will make it happen.

Andres Kõiva

Señor project Manager

Andres is Control Systems Manager at Elektrilevi. He is an experienced project and team manager. In addition he has lead several teams to Garage48 victories. 

Kaspar Kikerpill

Business Development

Kaspar is an experienced marketing specialist who has worked at companies like Pipedrive and The Next Web. Currently, he is Community Growth Manager at Testlio.

Alvar Suun

Electronics Engineer

Alvar is a Relay Protection and Automation Specialist at Elektrilevi. He has a diverse background that also includes participating in hackathons and building a smart sales system.

Joonas Annok

Electronics Engineer

Joonas is currently a student at TalTech Tartu College. He is self-motivated and occupies his free time with learning. Besides computers, electronics, and hardware, he also enjoys chemistry. 

Siim Medijainen

Platform Developer

Siim is a Technical Manager at Vaimo. He is an experienced developer that has focused on backend development. In our project, he will focus on turning our robot autonomous.

Juhan Viik

Mechanical Engineer

Juhan a R&D Engineer at Milrem Robotics, has many years of mechanical engineering experience starting from building race cars at Formula Student to his current job developing unmanned ground vehicles

Arnold Kasemaa

Platform Developer

Arnold is a Control Systems Chief Specialist at Elektrilevi. He has always been passionate about software development. Arnold will focus on making our robot autonomous.

Ulf Anso

Platform Developer

Ulf is a Software Developer at Axinom. He has participated in a vast number of Hackathons over the past decade. He is passionate about combining hardware and software. 

Taavi Sööt


Experienced Product Designer. Skilled in Product Design, 3D Visualization, 3d animation, Digital illustrations and classical sketching and drawing. 

Contact us

You can get in touch in several ways: 


Interested in getting in touch via phone?

Kaspar Kikerpill 
+372 50 37 459

Andres Kõiva

+372 52 35 836


Do let us know if you have any questions or ideas. We are ready to share our vision and plans. 

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