Street cleaning without human resource management

Lumebot works 24/7 so you don't have to


Autonomous street cleaning robots

Weight: 500kg (1100 lbs)
Working time: 2 hours
Charging time: 20 minutes
Area per robot: 5000m² (54,000ft²)
Ability to work in a fleet: Yes
Appliances: snowplow, mechanical vacuum sweeper

Our autonomous robots use high tech sensors to create a safe environment for pedestrians and objects around them. Robots are fully equipped and need no outside sensors or input to set up and work. It is the world first all-season street cleaning robot for large areas in the world. 



Lumebot is developed to handle snow removal. Snow is always placed in a designated area defined by the client. Robots are always located in the area and start working as soon as it starts snowing. This means the height of snow is always manageable for the Lumebot robot.

We are constantly developing new appliances to further improve work quality. 


  • Movable snowplow
  • Roller brush (coming soon)
  • Salt/sand/gravel dispenser



Lumebot is developed to handle street sweeping. The sweeping routine can be timed periodically or triggered by changing weather conditions and seasons. Lumebot robots make sure that your area is always clean and presentable. 

You can schedule cleaning sessions for the night time. Lumebot robots are quiet and create no noise pollution.


  • Street sweeper + mechanical vacuum cleaner
  • Specialized setups depending on pavement type
  • Steam cleaning of pavement (coming soon)

Lumebot effect

1 %
Cheaper than your current service provider.

Suitable for


Lumebot is designed to cover up to 12km of sidewalks with one charge with one robot.

Parking lots

Thorugh efficient cleaning algorithms Lumebot can cover hundreds of parking spots with one charge. 


Lumebot makes sure your park is always accessible and clean for pedestrians and cyclists.

Business parks

Make sure your visitors are greeted with the cleanest streets regardless of the season.

University campus

Manage the majority of the outdoor cleaning with a few robots that work 24/7.


Lumebot robots can be applied almost everywhere. We are always open to new locations.

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